NFC as Technology Enabler

NFC creates a new and universal interface to existing devices through simple touch interaction. NFC bridges gaps between existing technologies and devices to enable new applications/services (enabling connections from real to virtual, connections to physical/real world).


NFC Means Proximity

All NFC transactions take place within a very small area, anywhere from a touch to 4 centimeters. This means that you can't unknowingly purchase something because you walk next to a smart poster.


NFC Enables One-Touch Setup of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

NFC is able to replace the pairing of Bluetooth-enabled devices, or the configuration of a Wi-Fi network through PINs and keys, by simply touching the two devices to be paired or connected to the network, or by touching the device to a tag. The gain in simplicity of use is substantial while the level of confidence is exactly similar.


NFC Enables Electronic Door Locks

For doorlocks that are equipped with an actuator and a short range contactless reader, a simple upgrade may allow NFC devices to substitute for contactless cards. Advantages, for example in hospitality, are the possibility to remotely send the access rights in advance to the user's handset, and the coupling with other applications such as booking, and skipping the check-in phase. In the example of access control, one can centrally manage the rights in real time without physical delivery of cards.


NFC and Healthcare

Personal health monitors recording a humanís vital data can be read by an NFC reader/writer, which for example might be a persons mobile phone, by simply touching the reader to the health device. The physical proximity that NFC requires guarantees the operator has the right understanding of which data is read at what time, thus greatly reducing the chance of a human error and, by the simplicity of instructions, allows patients of every age to monitor their health status autonomously.

And once a standardized format and secure storage for medical records and history is available, as well as generally accepted procedures to access these data, NFC will be a natural way to interact between a portable device held by the user and a medical system.


NFC Devices Enable Data Exchange

NFC enables users to quickly and easily transfer information between devices with a simple touch. Whether it be an exchange of business cards, a quick transaction, or downloading a coupon, the proximity ensures that the information shared is the information you want to share.