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Tap To Pay For What's On Tap: Robokeg, The NFC Bartender

If you're going to a bar or major venue, it may seem like not much has changed with your drink of choice. After years of technological innovations that have brought news to your pocket at unforeseen speeds, your favorite beer, wine or spirit is still delivered the same way: by a bartender.

27 May 2013
Future of NFC greater than just payments

The NFC Solutions Summit in Burlingame, California - put on by a partnership of the Smart Card Alliance and NFC Forum- examined the future of NFC and the best use cases for the technology. Widely considered to be an ideal solution for mobile payments, the Summit posits that the most promising applications for NFC mobile may have nothing to do with payments at all.

Secure ID News
20 May 2013
Just What is NFC, Or Near Field Communications?

You've probably been hearing at least a little about near-field communications (NFC) over the past year or so. This somewhat unusual wireless technology is often misunderstood and not yet widely available, and it's got some potential competition in its core target market areas. But the key features of this technology may very well lead to its finding a place in most handsets, and perhaps other devices, over the next few years.

12 May 2013
NFC Forum Chairman and Vice Chairman to Deliver Keynote Addresses May 15 at NFC Solutions Summit

The NFC Forum, a non-profit industry association that advances the global use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, today announced that Koichi Tagawa, Forum Chairman, and Mohamed Awad, Forum Vice Chairman, will both deliver keynote speeches on May 15 at the NFC Solutions Summit that will be held in San Francisco next week. The NFC Forum is partnering with the Smart Card Alliance to co-sponsor the event.

The Wall Street Journal
09 May 2013
Near-Field Communications Is the Next Big Thing In Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Lack of Industry Support and Consumer Education Is Slowing QR Code Adoption and Creating an Opening for Near-Field Communication

Marketers have been increasing the use of QR codes to drive engagement, bridging traditional print campaigns with online content and making information more accessible and portable for consumers. The little square patterns have been showing up everywhere from outdoor billboards to magazine campaigns. While the use of QR codes is becoming more widespread, one should not assume that its increasing prevalence is a sign of the technology's success.

Screen Media Daily
26 Apr 2013
Future content: The interrelation of print and digital media

The content marketing industry is rapidly evolving with the onset of digital says Clare Hill, managing director of the CMA. From near field communications and 'slowmercials', to augmented reality and QR codes, technology is driving unique consumer engagements. So which brands have them working best?

22 Apr 2013
Putting the Card Before the Horse

The Datamonitor Financial Cards & Payments team recently sat down with Koichi Tagawa, Chairman of leading industry group, NFC Forum, to discuss the current state of the NFC market and how the technology is being applied in new and surprising ways.

Cards & Payments Insight
10 Apr 2013
"El año 2012 terminó con 100 millones de dispositivos NFC y este año se proyectan otros 300 millones"

Near Field Communications (NFC) empieza a tomar forma. No son pocos los operadores que ya se han embarcado en el desarrollo de este mercado. No son los únicos, y tanto proveedores over the top (OTT) como otro tipo de empresas empiezan a ver en NFC una solución que puede abrir nuevos modelos de negocio. Los operadores, debido a que comercializan dispositivos móviles, deberían estar en el centro de este mercado. Sin embargo parecen existir algunos riesgos que, una vez más, podrían dejarles fuera de algunas oportunidades. TeleSemana.com tuvo la oportunidad de conversar con Debbie Arnold, directora del NFC Forum, para determinar en qué estado se encuentra el mercado NFC a nivel global y latinoamericano, así como identificar las oportunidades que pueden aprovechar los operadores móviles.

TeleSemana.com (in Spanish)
07 Apr 2013
Harvard Medical School develops NFC medication tracking system

The new technology combines Android tablet PCs with NFC tags attached to patients' wristbands, medications and nurses' ID badges and is designed to make the administration of medicines easier, safer, faster and more cost-effective, Dr Adam Landman has told NFC World.

04 Apr 2013
Is the QR Code Dead?

Not long ago, Quick Response (QR) codes were heralded as the meeting industry's technology savior.Prognosticators believed the codes could revolutionize how attendees interacted with one another and received information at events.

Smart Meetings
03 Apr 2013
Has Near Field Communication Come of Age?

Near Field Communication is a technology that has long been just over the horizon. It may finally have arrived.

Wall Street Journal (video)
21 Mar 2013
Groups Explore Payment, Transport Uses for Near Field Communication Tech

The Near Field Communication Forum, a trade association that for nearly a decade has developed standards, certification procedures and education in building infrastructure, in January formed payment and transport interest groups, as well as three others.

Travel News
12 Mar 2013
Secure Element Issue Weighs on Airline Industry Evaluation of NFC

The International Air Transport Association, which represents 240 airlines worldwide, plans to finish its evaluation of NFC technology this year and could propose standards to its members in October, the group has told NFC Times.

NFC Times
08 Mar 2013
Google Joins Board of Directors at NFC Forum

The Near Field Communications Forum (NFCF) was established in 2004 as a non-profit industry body designed to encourage advancements in NFC technologies. We have seen this technology slowly making its way into mainstream smartphones from all major manufactures (except Apple) over the past few years.

06 Mar 2013
NFC Forum adds Google to board of directors

The NFC Forum announced that Google has elevated its NFC Forum membership from Principal to Sponsor level, joining ten other organizations who have joined the Forum since November.

06 Mar 2013
Google Joins NFC Forum Board of Directors

Underscoring Google's growing fascination with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, the Internet search giant and Android powerhouse has joined the board of directors at the NFC Forum, a non-profit industry association that advances the global use of NFC technology.

05 Mar 2013
Google Becomes Member of NFC Forum Board

Google has upgraded its membership in the NFC Forum standards and trade group to the top rung, sponsor member, giving the search giant a seat on the 13-member board.

05 Mar 2013
Google gets a place at the NFC top table, joining the NFC Forum board of directors

Google has upgraded its membership of the NFC Forum, giving it a place on the organization's board of directors.

05 Mar 2013
Google upgrades NFC Forum membership level

The NFC Forum, a non-profit industry association that advances the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, today announced that Google has upgraded its NFC Forum membership from Principal to Sponsor level.

05 Mar 2013
Google joins NFC Forum board of directors

Ten other organisations have also joined the NFC standards association for the first time, bringing total membership "to a record high of over 180 companies and non-profit groups."

NFC World
05 Mar 2013

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