The NFC Forum would like to receive input, suggestions and other feedback ("Feedback") on the Specification.

(a) MEMBERS: Feedback by Members of the NFC Forum will be handled according to By-laws, Rules of Procedures and IPR Policy of the NFC Forum, Inc.

(b) NON-MEMBERS: Before we can accept your suggestion, comments or other material ("Submission"), we must ask you to agree to certain terms, so that we are sure that we have the legal rights we would need to use your Submission if we decide to incorporate it in whole or in part into any NFC Forum specification or other work product (referred to below collectively as a "Specification"). Accordingly, by clicking the "Accept" button below, you irrevocably agree to the following terms:

1. If your Submission is included in whole or in part in any Specification, you and your employer agree to license all patent claims under any patents anywhere in the world owned by you or your employer that would necessarily be infringed by anyone implementing that Specification.

2. The license and your employer agree to grant would (a) be irrevocable, non-exclusive and worldwide, (b) be granted without compensation, (c) include only reasonable and non-discriminatory terms, and (d) allow anyone (an "Implementer") to implement the Specification, to use, license and sell such implementations, and to sublicense those rights to others.

3. While you may retain copyright ownership of your Submission, you hereby grant NFC Forum an unrestricted, worldwide, irrevocable and fully paid up right to publish, reproduce, revise and, modify your Submission, in whole or in part, and to create derivative works of it, as well as the right to sublicense such rights for the purpose of implementing Specifications, without the obligation to explicitly acknowledge your underlying copyright in your Submission.

4. NFC Forum may, but shall have no obligation to, utilize your Submission in any way.

By clicking the "Accept" button, you also represent that you are authorized to make the commitments above on behalf of your employer. If this is not the case, please do not make a Submission.